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Lesson 3: Variables

The fun begins. Providing you’ve been through our previous lessons (one and two) you should now have SASS set up on your development machine.

One reason why SASS is worth using over standard CSS is the functionality, and simplicity, of variables. Like a programming language they allow you to set a variable with a value which can be used time upon time – all with a single point to change.

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Lesson 2: Setup (Linux)

Leading on from the last lesson, which talked about what SASS is and its history, we’ll now setup up SASS on your own machine so you can get started with it – because it’s always more fun to write code than read ;). This lesson will be based on a Ubuntu 12.10 machine, but it should be compatible with most Linux distributions. If you’re not a Linux user then, check out the Windows lesson.

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Lesson 2: Setup (Windows)

Now that you understand what SASS is, we can begin with the next step and install it onto your machine. This lesson will be based on a Windows 8 machine, because that just so happens to be what I’m running but it should be the same for all Windows operating systems. Also, stay tuned if you’re a Linux or OSX user, there will be a lesson for you shortly.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started

SASS (which stands for ‘Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets’) is a preprocessor for CSS which means that all code is converted into CSS, like a compiler would, once it is ready – as apposed to at run-time through the web browser. Because SASS just works as a preprocessor it can only accomplish what CSS can achieve – so why do we bother using it?

SASS makes the life of web developers, like you and me, easier in the short-term by making code quicker to write and in the long-term by making any maintenance work simpler to conduct. It also allows for the re-usability of code, making your initial SASS files smaller.

Developers have long yearned for the ability to further develop the CSS language to do more. For example, native CSS variables are currently being developed but can’t match the accuracy and support of a preprocessor.

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